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Byron Cage
Casey J
Casey J
James Fortune
James Fortune
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Kirk Franklin
Km Burrell
Km Burrell
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Micah Lee
Mighty Clouds of Joy
Mighty Clouds of Joy
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Shiley Ceasar
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Tasha Cobbs
The Williams Singers
The Williams Singers
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Tye Tribbett

Welcome To South Florida Gospel Music Awards

Hello and Welcome to the Official Website of The South Florida Gospel Music Awards. We are so honored that you stopped by to pay us a visit and see what God is doing through the SFGMA Awards to help promote His Kingdom. The South Florida Gospel Music Awards was founded by Mr.Peppi Hendrix in 2004. Then known as the Palm Beach Gospel Music Awards, Peppiā€™s vision was to promote the level of visibility of gospel music artists in the Greater Palm Beach area. Having seen wisdom to dream even bigger dreams, the Palm Beach Gospel Music Awards was renamed and refocused to the South Florida Gospel Music Awards encompassing all of South Florida. Now just in name, the SFGMA Awards as of 2009 has branched out and elevated its territory to all of the United States, Bahamas, Caribbean Islands, United Kingdom and the World.


CEO & Founder


April 13th, 2015

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Peppi Hendrix is Founder/CEO & Executive Producer of the South Florida Gospel Music Awards (SFGMA). Peppi Hendrix business acumen is quite numerous outside of the South Florida Gospel Music ...

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